Personnel Policy

  1. Policies Regarding Library Staff
  • The staff of the Columbia Public Library is composed of a Head Librarian and such Assistant Librarians and part-time help as the Board considers appropriate.
  • The Head Librarian is selected by the Board and shall be considered the executive officer of the Board and shall have sole charge of the administration of the library under the direction and review of the Board. The Head Librarian shall be held responsible for the employment and direction of the staff, for the efficiency of the library’s service to the public, and for the operation of the Library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget. The Librarian shall attend all board meetings except those at which her appointment or salary is to be discussed or decided. Assistant Librarians will be assigned duties by the Head Librarian so as to complement the librarian’s work wherever most feasible and helpful.
  • The Assistant Librarians and temporary or part-time help are selected by the Board upon recommendation of the Head Librarian, who, when there are vacancies, shall interview and otherwise examine applicants to evaluate their suitability. Final approval must come from the Board.
  1. Head Librarian Qualifications:
  • The Head Librarian will know library procedures in computer cataloguing, filing, ordering, indexing and processing of library materials. Knowledge of these procedures, gained through college education, experience or a combination of each, will be a prerequisite upon hiring. The Librarian must show evidence of administrative ability, civic awareness and the capability of good staff management.

Head Librarian Selection Procedures:

  • Board selects a committee;
  • Committee determines qualifications;
  • Board discusses qualifications;
  • Committee conducts interviews;
  • Committee makes recommendations;
  • Board votes on committee recommendations.
  1. Duties
  • The Head Librarian duties shall be to: a) administer the proper operation of the Library; be technical advisor to the Board; recommend staff appointments to the Board; direct activities of the staff, providing such training as is needed; develop a thorough acquaintance with the budget and financial records; select and purchase library materials within the budget and according to the Board’s book selection policy; supervise and release all library publicity; stimulate growth of library service; weed from the library’s collection all materials no longer usable; attend Board meetings, system & State Library workshops/meetings as authorized by the Board; submit Annual Reports covering the period of May 1- April 30 to the proper authorities and submit monthly reports to the Board.
  • Assistant Librarians shall be assigned duties by the Head Librarian so as to carry out the functions of the library in various departments such as book processing, computer search for materials, and collection of overdue fines. Each shares equally in regular circulation desk duties. When working alone each Assistant Librarian must be able to make decisions with maturity, and an understanding of people and their needs.
  • It is expected that an employee will be able to perform the essential functions of job for which employed. Reasonable accommodations, as required by law, will be made. The library trustees are aware of federal, state and local statutes and regulations relevant to personnel administration. CofC
  1. Conditions of employment:

The Columbia Public Library follows the conditions of employment outlined by the Personnel Code of the City of Columbia.


  1. Salaries/Benefits
  • The Board of Trustees sets beginning salaries. These are reviewed annually and, unless changed by the Board, will advance according to salary schedules approved by the City of Columbia for city employees.
  • Medical and retirement benefits are subject to the policies of the City of Columbia for city employees.
  • Retirement is set for age 69 but can be reviewed and extended with the following stipulations: a) the employee requests continuance; b) the Board of Trustees requests that said employee be retained and certifies that the employee’s performance merits such consideration; c) the employee passes a medical examination to verify that he/she is physically able to perform the duties of the position without injury or harm to his/her health.
  • Retirement requested by an employee should be in writing to the Board of Trustees with at least 2 months notice to ensure that retirement benefits will begin in a timely manner with all pension forms correctly filed. CofC

Note: CofC refers to City of Columbia Personnel Policies

Approved 09/09/03