T-Mobile Hotspot Policy


In an effort to increase digital access for area residents, mobile hotspots are available to borrow from the Columbia Public Library. 

Hotspot Borrowing Guidelines

The hotspots allow up to 10 devices to connect at a time with unlimited data. Hotspots are portable and work within the T-Mobile 3G or 4G network area. 

Hotspots are available to any Columbia Public Library patron, 18 years or older, with an account in good standing (i.e. library record is not blocked due to unpaid fees or lost materials in excess of $5).


Hotspot devices: 

  • are limited to one device per household due to demand, 
  • may be reserved, 
  • may be checked out for 14 days, 
  • may be checked out by a household more than twice quarterly, (addition to policy) 
  • may be renewed once if no other requests are outstanding, and 
  • accrue fines at $1.00 per day. 

Hotspots must be returned to the Columbia Public Library checkout desk during regular business hours. Hotspots may not be returned in Columbia Public Library’s bookdrops nor may they be returned to any other library in the area. Failure to return the device to the checkout desk will result in denial of future electronic device borrowing privileges. If not returned when due, the WiFi hotspot will be turned off remotely and Internet access will not be available. If the hotspot is lost or damaged, please contact the library immediately. The replacement fee is the market value cost to replace the hotspot. 

Library Responsibility 

The Columbia Public Library is not responsible for any damage done to your personal equipment. 

Patron Responsibility 

By borrowing this equipment, the patron agrees not to: 

  • Make any attempt to cause degradation or alteration to the hotspot’s performance. 
  • Use the hotspot for any illegal or criminal purpose such as unlawfully downloading copyrighted materials, hacking computer systems, or engaging in offensive or malicious online behavior. Patrons misusing the hotspot for illegal activity are not exempt form local, state, or federal prosecution. 

Amendment of Rules

The Library Director may approve exceptions to this policy. 

The Columbia Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to review and amend this policy at any time.