Virtual Events & Videos

Virtual Events

Lights! Camera! Action!
Enjoy recorded videos of your Columbia Librarians, some local community members, and performers.


Virtual Story Time

Listen to Miss. Crystal read stories every other Tuesday at 10 am. Sometimes their is a delay in posting video, due to technical issues. Due to publisher restrictions videos will be up to view for one week. 

Virtual Author's Visits

Book: “Patriotic Murder: A World War I Hate Crime for Uncle Sam”. 

Short Author Bio:

Peter Stehman is a Collinsville local historian and writer. He retired as Chief after a 28-year career with the Collinsville Fire Department and currently works for the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal. He has written numerous articles on public safety topics. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He has held a lifelong interest in the Robert Prager tragedy and the environment that enabled it.

Questions for Peter: 

The Border of Our Minds Presentation

Are they simply political and geographical, marked by posts, walls and fences, or should we think of them more broadly? Some borders, set by surveys and treaties, take no account of geography, language, and culture. There are borders within countries—physical, economic, or social. And finally there are the borders of our minds—the way we may think of unfamiliar places.

Book: “Postcards from the Borderlands” 

Questions for David?


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Book: “A Home for Sally” Book Trailer


Author’s Bio:

Stenetta Anthony is an author who writes books that inform, inspire, educate and entertain. She was an educator for 20 + years and still continues volunteer in supporting the educational development of children. Her time spent in the classroom using her own unique style of storytelling. Stenetta storytelling has now extended into publishing with her creating children’s books for her young reading audience. Stenetta has a Bachelor Degree in Educational Studies and Specialist in Special Education Development. Stenetta resides in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Two of Stenetta’s favorite past times are watching cartoons and being an at home contestant of the television game show Jeopardy. One of Stenetta’s favorite phrases comes from P.L Travers, Mary Poppins, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, with her writing being her most enjoyable element in life.

Ralph's TV Treehouse Concert

Join Ralph and is puppet friends every Saturday at 10 a.m. on Facebook! Videos will be posted here shortly after. 

Fake News!

In this presentation, Betsy Jewell, adjunct faculty member with the Department of Journalism at Eastern Illinois University, teaches what fake news is, how it comes about, and how to detect, avoid, and find the facts.

Medicare 101

Learn about the Medicare and how the enrollment process works with time for questions and answers.

Presenter: Carol Vogt, Owner of Carol Vogt Insurance Services, LLC.

Presentation Notes

The Librarian: Lego Edition

Take a tour of Stephanie’s basement decked out with LEGOs and watch her build different LEGO kits step-by-step by using the directions as her guide.

Stretching with Stephanie

Take some time to slow down from all of the craziness in life. You will be doing simple stretching and some basic yoga techniques. A yoga strap and/or a yoga mat will be beneficial, but not necessary.  Stephanie is not certified as a yoga instructor, these are just some of the stretches and poses she use to aid in her running.

Adulting 101

Growing up is never easy. In this program gain knowledge and skills from locals to help make life easier. 

More Arts & Crafts

Learn how to make simple, budget-friendly crafts from library staff. 

Young Adult Book Talks

Local teens review young adult books and series. 

Integration Meditation Wellness Program

Integration Meditation presents four programs teaching Qigong, Chen Style Tai Chi, Breathwork, and Meditation. FAQ about Qigong and Chen Style Tai Chi.