Community Usage of the Lower Level
Meeting Room Policy

The Columbia Public Library Board of Trustees makes available the lower level meeting room for use by non-profit groups for non-commercial, cultural, informational, educational, intellectual and civic purposes. Room availability is contingent on there being no conflict with Library programs or meetings, which have first priority, at all times. An organization seeking to use meeting facilities must agree to sign an application form and to observe this policy and regulations.

Regulations Governing Use of the Meeting Room:

  1. Reservation/Scheduling
    • The room is available only during the regular library operating hours.
    • Library programs or meetings have first priority at all times.
    • Groups that use the meeting room on a regular basis must confirm their ongoing meeting date every six months. A maximum of two days per week may be reserved. If the group requests to meet during a calendar school year, an exception may be made to reserve the meeting room during that time. (Ex. Scout groups, academic groups, etc.) Approval must be granted by the library director or assistant library director. 
    • Groups may not use the name or address or phone/fax numbers of Columbia Public Library as the official headquarters of their organization.
    • An application form must be signed prior to using the room.
    • The reservation for the meeting room is made by a Columbia Public Library card holder. The individual who makes the reservation must be present during the room’s use.
    • The room is limited to non-profit groups. No admission fee may be charged nor money collected nor other money raising activities conducted.
  2. Use of Meeting Room
    • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times by an adult aged 21 or older.
    • Groups may not exceed the stated capacity of the room. (95 people)
    • The meeting cannot be expected to disrupt the ability of the library to conduct its business in a normal and orderly manner
    • All library equipment must be returned to its original place, and the room must be cleaned and cleared of attendants and personal belongings by fifteen minutes before the time of closing.
    • Meetings held for library business may go past closing if supervised by a Library Trustee.
  3. Care of the Meeting Room
    • Excessive noise or use of hazardous material is prohibited.
    • Groups using the room must set up the room before the meeting and replace in storage all equipment used during the meeting.
    • Light refreshments may be served. Complete clean up after refreshments is required. Carpet stains will require a fee for cleaning. Users must pay for any damages to facilities.
    • The exit to the parking lot is for emergency use only.
    • The library is not responsible for security or storage of property owned by groups, nor is it responsible for damage or loss of property of others.
    • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on library premises.

Application for Lower Level Meeting Room 

Community Usage of Lower Level Meeting Room Policy –  Approved 12/14/99, revised 3/10/2020