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Lights! Camera! Action! Enjoy recorded videos of your Columbia Librarians, some local community members, and performers. Visit this web page “Virtual Events and Videos” each week to see our latest videos!

These videos can also be seen on our Facebook page each week. Some of our recorded videos will be deleted a week after they air to meet the guidelines set by book publishers and agreements made with performers. Otherwise, visit Columbia Public Library’s YouTube and Vimeo channels to see past videos.

This weeks recorded videos!

ABC Read, Sing, & Build (Letter Z)

Stretching with Stephanie (Ep. 4)

Adulting 101: Auto Smarts (Under the Hood)

Bernhard Auto Works experts in Columbia, teach basic maintenance tips for under the hood and exterior of the vehicle.

How to check for battery corrosion
How to check levels on washer fluid, brake fluid, and engine oil, coolant, & transmission fluid.
Check all lights in front and back of vehicle.
Be sure car tag is current
Check condition of wipers.
Test AC/heat
Be sure insurance card is current
How to Jump Start a car

Angela @ Home (Final Episode)

Adulting 101: In the Home (Tools & Basic Maintenance)

John Reynolds with Reynolds Construction, suggestions some helpful tools to have around the house for basic repairs, demonstrates how to test electrical outlets and light switches, and how to stop the toilet from running water.

ABC: Read, Sing, & Build (The Letter Y)

Songs & Rhymes

Adulting 101: Personal Health (Yoga)

Lisa Fox is a Bare Hands Yoga Collective, 500 hour registered Yoga teacher, with experience in teaching yoga to adults, children, and accessible yoga, which is designed include everyone in the practice.

Lisa explains with yoga is, the health benefits, and demonstrates a commonly practiced pose in and out of a chair.

ABC: Read, Sing, & Build (The Letter X)

Songs & Rhymes

Breathwork Week 3 – IM Wellness Program

Breathwork Class

Week 1: Breathwork

Week 2: Breathwork

ABC: Read, Sing, & Build (The Letter W)

Songs & Rhymes

Adulting 101: Personal Health (Hair & Skin)

Learn some hair and skin care tips from Erika Barbee, LUX Beauty’s Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist in Columbia IL.

Erika explains the different effects hair care products from store chains and hair saloons have on your hair. She shares the benefits of dry shampoo for athletes, and then some tips for detoxing hair. As for skin care, Erika suggests some homemade and store bought face cleansers. Finally, she recommends some makeup brands and tips.

Angela @ Home (Episode 10)

Adulting 101: Personal Health (Essential Oils)

Sandra Rausch, a Young Living Essential Oils Educator and Distributor, explains essential oils.

What are they?
How can you use them?
What are the physical effects, or the mental and spiritual benefits on the body?
What are the most popular oils used?
How to blend oils and what some common blends are?

ABC: Read, Sing, & Build (The Letter V)

Songs & Rhymes

Adulting 101: In the kitchen KNIFE SKILLS

Bailey Allen, a SNAP-EDU Community Worker, teaches you the difference between three common kitchen knives and how to safely cut items.

Filmed By: University of Illinois Extension, College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science.

University of Illinois Extension Website:

Chen Style Tai Chi (Week 3)

Chen Style Tai Chi

Week 2: Chen Style Tai Chi

Week 1: Chen Style Tai Chi

FAQ About Chen Style Tai Chi & Qigong

Adulting 101: Auto Smarts TIRES

Learn from Bernhard Auto Works in Columbia, how to check your tire pressure and tread, and then how to change a tire safely.

Thank you Bernhard Auto Works and Historic Main Street for the production of this video!

Bedtime Stories Narration by Caitlin (Episode 9)

The Librarian Lego Edition (Episode 5)

Adulting 101: In the Kitchen GRATING SKILLS

Arne Burns, a SNAP-EDU Community Worker, teaches the proper techniques of grating cheese.

Filmed by: University of Illinois Extension, College and Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences.

University of Illinois Extension Website:

Adulting 101: Real Estate

Realtor Mandy McGuire of Mandy McGuire Group shares with potential home buyers what they need to know about real estate.

Adulting 101: Establishing and Fixing Credit

Kassie Heise, the Branch Manager of Central Bank of St. Louis in Columbia speaks to teens and young adults about how to establish or fix your credit and how to write a check.

IM Wellness: Qi Gong (Week 3)

Qigong Class

Week 2: Qigong

Week 1: Qigong

Adulting 101: Budgeting and Savings

Christina Gilchrist, the Assistant Vice President of State Bank in Columbia, gives teens or young adults an overview of how to budget, when to spend and not, student loans, and how to save money.

Example Budget

Template Budget

Stretching with Stephanie (Episode 1)

YA Book Talk with Isabella: Caraval Series

Meditation Week 2 – IM Wellness Program

Meditation Class